Nightlife In Belgrade

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The nightlife is one of the things that made Belgrade and perhaps makes the strongest impression on the visitors for the first time in the city. The reason for this is primarily a spirit of Belgrade citizens and positive atmosphere that made you feel like you’re at home, among friends. In the evening comes spontaneously, without much planning, at any time and without prejudice to the obligations that await the next day. Skadarska street where the largest number of taverns with traditional urban music in one place. Orchestras play every night between tables with guests and on weekends and holidays and lunchtime.

Dva Jelena (no. 32, Tel: 3234-885, Working hours: Mon-Ned.11-01)

Tri sesira (no. 29, Tel : 3247-501, Working hours: Mon-Ned.11-01),

Sesir Moj (no. 21, Tel: 3228-750, Working hours: Mon-Ned.11-01)

Ima Dana (No. . 38, Tel: 3234-422, Working hours: Mon-Ned.11-01).


20/44 (Soul, Funk, New Wave …),

Play (Disco, Pop),

Blaywatch (fancy disco – local pop & turbo folk music),

Freestyler (Disco House, R’n’B …)

The breeze (Funk, Reggae, Rock …),

Plastic Light (R’n’B, House …),

Lasta (House, Dance …),

Sound (House, Dance …).
Brankow, Montenegrin 12, Tel: 069-8300-777,

Mladost i Ludost, Karađorđeva 44. Opening hours: Mon-Sun. 22-05

Mr Stefan Braun, office building at the corner of Sarajevska street and Nemanjina Street, Ninth Floor, Tel: 065-5566-456. Hours: Mon-Sun. 24-04.

The Tube, input from Dobračine 17, Tel: 062-8239-901

Mikser House, A: Karađorđeva 46, Tel: 2626-068

The greatest wealth of Belgrade, which leaves the strongest impression on almost all visitors from abroad, are – Belgrade. When you walk the streets, you will see that they are full of people at any time of the day and you will feel their positive energy. Are warm and friendly. They have no prejudice against foreigners (regardless of where they are), nor to other races. On the first day of their stay in the city you can gain friends and acquaintances (yes, real friends). Everyone will be happy to help you find your way around the city, and would not be unusual for someone calls you out for coffee or lunch.

Belgrade are smiling, noisy, spoiled, easily forge friendships are nervous in traffic (regardless of whether driving or riding) and fun loving each species at any time of the day. Due to the historical experience that has taught them that periods of peace and prosperity too short in duration, Belgrade take every opportunity to have fun and spend, not waiting for retirement but enjoy the moment. Probably because visitors are fascinated night life and relaxed way of life.

Regardless of whether you choose a cafe for lunch or a classic restaurant in Belgrade, you will not go hungry and Jesco very good food, regardless of whether you go to a restaurant with Serbian or international cuisine. Besides Serbian, Belgrade is very popular Italian cuisine in several restaurants you will find authentic dishes. Marine fish is very in price and in Belgrade, you will find a great deal of fresh sea fish stored better than many restaurants on the shores of the Mediterranean. In order to justify the cosmopolitan spirit of the city and its representatives have Japanese, French, Chinese, Mexican, Lebanese, Greek, Spanish, Thai, Korean, Indian and Russian cuisine, but they are not as popular and it all boils down to 1-2 restaurants that survive .


A: Terazije 23 (Chamber of Commerce, 8th floor), Tel: 3248-037, Working hours: Mon-Sat. 8-24. International cuisine.
A: Prince Višeslava 29 (Košutnjak), Tel: 3510-987. Hours: Mon-Sun. 12-23. Serbian cuisine.
A: Kosančićev wreath 29, Tel: 3283-680. Hours: Mon-Sun. 12-24 The Italian and Serbian cuisine.
A: Karađorđeva 2-4 (Beton hala), Tel: 3037-337. R. Hours: Mon-Sun. 10-01. Italian cuisine.
Porto Maltese
A: boat-restaurant on the Sava quay, Belgrade side, opposite the pier; Tel: 2145-727 Hours: Mon-Sun. 12-24. Fish and seafood.


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