Apartment GOLD Belgrade

You travelled to Belgrade and want to rest from everything, but at the same time to have an unforgettable and pleasant experience in Serbia that you will remember for the rest of your life?

Apartment BROWN is, then, the perfect solution for you, be sure of it! Spacious and extremely comfortable, the apartment BROWN (street Rige od Fere) is located in the very center of the city, near the central street Strahinjića Bana and just a few minutes from the most famous and most popular street in Belgrade, which you must go to – Knez Mihailova Street, where thousands of people pass through just one day and where, at favorable and low prices, you can find everything you need.

The apartment, which covers 73 square meters, is also located just 500 meters from the fortress Kalemegdan, which is a symbol of Belgrade and Serbian history. This is a place which tourists all over the world want to see – it is enough to be here just few minutes and you will immediately feel the spirit and tradition of our country. Also, next to this apartment is ZOO garden.

In the apartment BROWN there is a modern equipped living room with tables and chairs, fully equipped modern kitchen with additional dishes, as well as appliances. When you come here, you will not have to do anything at all – you will only have to rest, because all the work will be done for you by microwave, washing machine, oven, electric toaster, iron that includes ironing board, hairdryer and a jug. Every morning you will have smile on your face because you can make delicious coffee in a fantastic coffee machine in just 2 minutes.

This is an ideal place for anyone who wants to come with husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend because your BROWN apartment offers you a comfortable double bed with always clean bedding and towels and an LCD TV. From the terrace of this apartment there is a beautiful view
of the yard of the complex of buildings where you can go at any time of day and night when you want to find time for yourself and enjoy in peace. Paradise on earth, trully wonderful place to be.

Prices (1-2 persons):

  • 1-2 nights — – 60 euros
  • 3-4 nights — – 55 euros
  • 5-6 nights — – 50 euros
  • 7+ nights — – 45 euros

But that's not all we can offer!

If you come with children who are under 7, their STAY IS FULL FREE!

Note: every additional person or guest is charged EUR 10 per night.